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Federal election 2004

CUPE's federal election campaign

Enter the CUPE election pool

Be the person who comes closest to guessing the seat totals for each of the political parties and win a prize!

Daily flash

News you can use. Timely comments on today’s election news – setting the record straight, exploding myths, quoting the latest gaffe or outrage from the party leaders, and highlighting the gaps between election promises and government performance.

What's the word?

Has a local candidate committed some horrible gaffe? What is your local up to? Tell us about it.

Campaign material

Download campaign material in Adobe Acrobat format: fact sheets, handbills, issue flyers, logos and t-shirt graphics

Question of the day

Each day of the campaign, you’ll find a fresh question to put to candidates at all candidates meetings or to canvassers who call or come to your door. They’ll also be good questions to raise with your co-workers as you discuss the parties’ platforms.

Reason of the day... not to vote Liberal - or Conservative

A daily dose of dirt, information or analysis on Paul Martin, his record and his agenda. Each day you’ll find facts and figures that expose Martin for what he is – and for what he wants.